Hannah. 22. I'm going to hell because I love gossip and don't really care about the environment.


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Frank Ocean in a London club

Artist  Unknown    Title  Unknown    Album  Unknown


marriage dude: do u take this person who is not a member of 1d to be your husband

me: i guess :/

Artist  UnknownKindness    Title  UnknownWho Do You Love? (Featuring Robyn)    Album  UnknownOtherness


me: i miss zayn

my future spouse: ?? ?? who

me: *stares out of window*


I don’t know where to even start

Artist  UnknownHozier    Title  UnknownJackie And Wilson    Album  UnknownHozier

your fave is problematic: frank ocean


  • too fine
  • rumored to have hooked up with willy cartier but we didnt get to see them together at any red carpet 
  • hasn’t dropped an album since the french revolution